Christmas Is Coming...

…better answer the door! A little while ago, Henry started going up to our front door, saying “Answer door!” and then “Nope!” when he realized no one was there. I thought he was just eager for the UPS guys to bring us more packages, but that wasn’t it. We’ve been talking about Christmas for a while, saying, “Christmas is coming soon,” I guess in much the same way we talked about Grammy and Grampy coming or a friend coming over. It took me a while to figure it out, but Henry has been waiting for Christmas to ring the doorbell so we can answer the door for it and let it in. Interesting linguistic misinterpretation, plus I think some of the confusion comes from the last holiday that made an impression on Henry, Halloween, with all the trick-or-treaters coming to the door. (Thanksgiving didn’t seem to excite him that much…)

Other Christmas fun… Henry is really into it this year. We went to visit Santa, an extremely serious event for Henry. He was silent and never smiled, but I think he liked it, in a way. We’ve asked him a few times what he’d like Santa to bring for him, but he never answered until Christmas Eve, when he said, very quietly to Brad, “dollhouse.” Unfortunately, Santa did not get that message in time, but I don’t think Henry will be too disappointed with the piles of things Santa and everyone else did bring.

We’ve decided to go with what I’ve been calling “full deception mode” when it comes to Santa Claus. We moved the gate away from the fireplace, we set out kleiners and water for Santa and the reindeer; there’s even a note to Henry from Santa thanking him for the treats. I have only good memories of believing in Santa, as does Brad. My parents gradually started introducing broader ideas about Santa as my sister and I grew older; you know, Santa as the spirit of Christmas. Plus, there was a big religious component to the holiday for us as kids; we’re still figuring out how to (whether to?) celebrate that, what with my lapsed Catholicism and our agnostic leanings. We’ve talked with Henry about the nativity, but haven’t gone to church. I’m glad Christmas seemed magical and meaningful to me for a long time, even into adulthood; now it is again because I get to see Henry experience it.

Anyway, we have a real tree this year, not a sketch of a tree on printer paper. (I was a little worried that was becoming a tradition.) We made kleiners. We actually mailed Christmas cards, and before Christmas day, too. So what, eh? I don’t know. Somehow, it feels good to have done those things. Merry Christmas, everyone.