A New Favorite

Until recently, Henry’s favorite music has been anything by The Wiggles; in particular, ”Crocodile Hunter.” Sure, he’s enjoyed a few tunes by Moby, Alison Krauss, and the Sugar Hill Gang but he always comes back to The Wiggles. One afternoon, in a desperate attempt to escape The Wiggles (er, broaden his musical horizons), I started flipping through our musical selections and played, with no real thought or plan (it’s just the first thing I stumbled on), ”Clash City Rockers” by The Clash. He loved it. He wanted to hear it again. Cool. And again. Okay. And, one more time. Uh… sure. Yet again. O…K… Again. Let’s try a different Clash song… No! Go back to rockers one!

The Wiggles to The Clash is quite a musical journey, but we’ve gone from listening to 50 or so songs by The Wiggles to listening to one song by The Clash. It was a strange moment when, in the car recently, with Henry in the backseat pleading to hear “our favorite Clash song,” both Brad and I said together, “No, we’re going to stick with The Wiggles for a while…”