Lack of Ideas

I’ve got nothing. There’s stuff going on, but what to write, I don’t know. Henry’s got soccer class, music class, and preschool, plus the daily challenge of handling the frustrations that come along with being three: having a plan in mind for a huge cityscape (complete with monorail) and not being able to build it without help; wondering if having a dream about flying alone on the Concorde while mom chases after it but can’t catch it means that this sort of thing can truly happen in waking life; getting angry at Mom and Dad. (How can you be angry with people who love you and care for you? Is that okay? How does it work? Do you throw stuff at them? Hit them? Scream? Run away?)

Baseball season approaches. I know it’s only January, but spring training is just around the corner (26 days until pitchers and catchers report), and we’re goin’! Sunny Arizona. We got our seats for the season the other day, pretty good ones along the first base line, out towards right field. Good foul ball catching territory. Not too far to view the trains. It’s weird to suddenly find myself caring about all this stuff. I’m looking forward to hearing Henry sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” during the 7th inning stretch.

Brad’s bread is great. He baked some honey oatmeal sandwich loaf last week, which was good (especially toasted with peanut butter) and just today made a whole wheat sandwich bread that is one of the best I’ve had. Really. Delicious.

Henry, parenting, baseball, bread… what else? We had a little sleet this morning. Most of our plants are surviving the winter. I cooked dinner earlier, broiled chicken breasts with a honey-cumin sauce, butternut squash with a hint of nutmeg, couscous. It was pretty good. (Sounds mundane, but I almost never cook! Brad’s the cook… I’m the clean-up crew.) Working out at the gym. Listening to Styx’s “Mr. Roboto.” Brad will have to tell you about GarageBand, though I can vouch for its total coolness. Devolving into list form. Just a bunch of stuff happening. No analysis.