Oh, Yeah. Winter!

They say we’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight, maybe 4 inches, the most snow we’ve had in 8 years. Of course, by the end of the day, it’s supposed to be raining and in the 40’s, so we’ll have flooding! Yay. How Seattle. Hopefully, we’ll get a chance to play in the snow before it turns to slush. I think Henry really wants to build a snowman.

The last few days, we’ve had daytime temperatures in the 20s. When we lived in Maine, we’d have considered this normal winter weather. After over 8 years here, we consider it horribly frigid! (Of course, when we lived in Maine, I had a real winter coat, long underwear, a scarf, and so on. Now, I have a thin gore-tex shell. Works great when it’s 42 and raining; not so great when it’s 25 and windy.)

Actually, I like it, this visit from winter. We’ve actually seen the sun and blue sky for a few days. Henry and I caught snow flakes when we had a little snow shower a couple days ago. It’s exciting to dream about a foot or more of snow; it could happen, you never know!