The Book Arrives

Our copy of Baseball Propectus arrived yesterday. This is the book that true geek baseball fans must have. It has raw statistics and translated performance statistics; maybe I’ll finally get a handle on VORP, EqA and all the rest. If you too would like to be a baseball “stathead,” you can check out more from the Baseball Prospectus people. Note that some of the material there requires a subscription to access it.

I haven’t had a chance to take a detailed look. (Nothing must get in the way of basement ballgames with the three year old!) I’ve read the section on the Mariners and found the writing to be very good, both entertaining and opinionated. As for the analysis, it seems intelligent, but I’m not qualified to judge. (Remember, I still don’t have a handle on such basic things as VORP. I know it means “Value Over Replacement Player,” that a negative VORP is bad, and that Barry Bonds has a big positive VORP. Also, it sounds funny. Go ahead, try saying it five times in a row: VORP, VORP, VORP, VORP, VORP!) It’ll be interesting reading as the season progresses.

We got a bunch of Mariners tickets in the mail last week and the week before, including opening day tickets. There was much excitement in the house. Henry asks every day “We’re going to spring training this day? The day after this day?”