Catch Up

Yes, we survived spring training (and the Grand Canyon, Zion, and the long trip back home). It was hot (even for Phoenix, with temperatures in the 90s) and dry (though we missed a dust storm by a few days) and very allergy aggravating. We all wilted by the end of each ball game. We saw the Mariners beat the Rangers (on 3/25, 4-3) and the Giants (on 3/26, 10-4), and we watched some practice action the mornings before the games. Henry liked it but I think he had the most fun when we got his bat and ball out and played some ourselves. I’d go again, though. It really was fun to be at a ballgame again.

Even more exciting was Opening Day, though our first opening day did not get off to a great start. We completely underestimated the parking fiasco of a weekday day game at Safeco. After a traffic-induced argument about nothing with Brad, I dropped him and Henry off at the stadium and ended up parking at the Pike Place Market garage, taking the waterfront streetcar down to Pioneer Square, and then walking the rest of the way to Safeco. Not really a bad way to go but, despite of having left more than two hours before game time, I just made it in time for the first pitch (a strike) by Jamie Moyer. Brad and Henry enjoyed all the pre-game hoopla, though, especially the fireworks. The game itself was unpleasant, with the Angels pounding the Mariners 10-5. At one point, the M’s were down 10-1. Ugh. We stuck it out to the end, keeping Henry going with a steady supply of snacks: hot dog, lemonade, pretzel, Dippin’ Dots, ice cream. I should come up with a game summary template for future games: food eaten, drinks, mariners swag acquired/purchased, transportation, etc. I can limp through it for this game and the one we went to yesterday.

4/6/2004, Opening Day, Mariners vs. Angels
Final: Angels 10, Mariners 5
Seats: 325, row 19, seats 7, 8, 9
How long we stayed: entire game, 9 innings
Food: 3 hot dogs, 1 pretzel, 1 small vanilla Dippin’ Dots, 1 vanilla soft serve ice cream
Drink: 1 lemonade, 2 bottles of water, 1 pepsi
Cost: yikes, let me remain ignorant until the next game
Swag acquired: schedule magnet, opening day packet including some freaky baseball cards where the players have big heads
Swag purchased: none!
Transportation: park in Pike Place Market garage ($15.50), waterfront street car ($4.25), walk (free, no blisters)
Play Area visit: no!
Misc: Henry loved the streetcar ride on the way to our car, so the pre-game traffic woes had an upside. Sort of.

4/8/2004, Mariners vs. Angels
Final:v Angels 5, Mariners 1
Seats: 325, row 8, seats 3, 4, 5
How long we stayed: entire game, 9 innings
Food: 2 hot dogs, 1 pretzel, 1 small cookies ‘n’ cream Dippin’ Dots, 1 Ivar dog, 1 bowl Ivar’s chowder
Drink: 2 bottles water, 1 lemonade, 1 pepsi, 1 diet pepsi
Cost: still hiding from the truth
Swag acquired: “Hey Now” window clings, Compass Club window cling, Knothole Gang poster and “I Was There” stickers for Henry, Mariners Information Guide
Purchases: “The Grand Salami” magazine
Transportation: 41 bus from Northgate Park and Ride ($6.50). So much easier than driving.
Play Area: yes!
Misc:** The Mariners led 1-0 for most of the game, then lost it in the 9th amid loud groans from the crowd. Henry kept singing “Clash City Rockers” and other made up tunes for most of the last few innings, keeping others in our section amused (or perhaps annoyed).