Gray Undervisors... That's the Problem

Final: A’s 8 Mariners 2
Seats: Section 341, row 1, seats 5, 6, 7 ($24.00 x 3)
Weather: Sunny, upper 60’s
Roof: open
Grass: checkerboard
Grounds crew: danced
Moose: rode around on his ATV with his goofy helmet, got water dumped on him by the M’s bullpen
National Anthem: Richland High School choir, Henry liked it
How long we stayed: all 9 innings
Hydros: yellow
Hat Trick: hat #2
Food: 1 kosher dog ($4.75), 1 large cookies ‘n’ cream Dippin’ Dots ($6.00), 1 pretzel ($4.00), 1 Ivar’s salmon salad ($8.00), 1 Ivar’s fish and chips ($6.00)
Drink: 2 bottles water ($3.50 x 2); 1 large lemonade ($5.00), numerous water refills from drinking fountain (free)
Transportation: Northgate Park and Ride, bus ($2.75 roundtrip x 2)
Play Area: open, crowded, ran into a boy from Henry’s music class
Freebies: 2 “I was there” stickers, 1 Eric Junge baseball card, 1 Compass Club lanyard
Purchases: 1 size 4T cotton Mariners home jersey ($24), 1 XXL men’s 3/4-sleeved cotton jersey ($45.00), 1 Mariner Moose luggage tag ($6.00), minus $5.00 for Compass Club coupon, plus $6.16 tax
Total Cost: $194.41

A stinker of a game, the Mariners did not look good. Their defense was sloppy, with the crowd actually booing Randy Winn after his second mistake in center field. (We did not boo. We’ll boo bad calls or bad sportsmanship but not bad play. Groan, yes; boo, no.) On the other hand, the day was sunny and warm, the sky was very blue, the grass very green. We had a great view of the field, some of our neighbors were good baseball fans; it was another fine day at the ballpark.

Changes to the Mariners caps are a future possibility. Hey, if it helps their defense…