What a Game

Well, the Mariners won on a walkoff balk, 2-1, in 14 innings last night. We were at the game and made it through 10 innings before returning home with a very sleepy Henry. He was having fun in that loopy, overtired sort of way but it was clear he’d had enough. It was hard to leave such an exciting game, but it had to be done. Our game summary:

Final: Mariners 2, A’s 1
Seats: Section 112, row 28, seats 1, 2, 3
How long we stayed: 10 innings of the 14 inning game
Hydros: red
Hat Trick: #1 (What happened to the old music we so loved?)
Food: 1 Minor League hot dog, 1 Ivar dog, 1 BBQ pork sandwich, 1 small vanilla Dippin’Dots, 1 pretzel with salt
Drink: 2 bottles of water, 1 regular size Pepsi, 1 hot chocolate with whipped cream
Cost: Augh! I keep forgetting to keep track of this…
Transport: Drove car, parked for $15.00 in our favorite lot.
Play area: Closed due to rain, though they were letting kids run around on the ground in the play area. Henry joined in the melee.
Freebies: 2 “I was there” stickers for Henry’s poster
Other purchases: none
Ichiro!: Saluted crowd as he took the field. Almost robbed Jermaine Dye of the game-tying home run in the 9th.
Weird dream: I was the Mariners’ bike mechanic and had to fix Freddy Garcia’s bike. Luckily, I woke up before they discovered I don’t know much about fixing bikes…