Belated Entry

I almost forgot…

May 4, 2004; 7:05pm
Final: Mariners 4, Twins 3
Seats: Section 112, row 28, seats 1, 2, 3
Weather: Partly cloudy, cool
Roof: Closed, then opened at 6:24pm
How long we stayed: 11 innings out of 16 total
Hydros: red
Hat Trick: hat #1
Food: Seattle Roll ($7.50), Jumbo Dog and Regular Dog ($8.75), small vanilla Dippin’ Dots ($4.00), Dark Chocolate Berry Banana Shiskaberry ($5.50)
Drink: 1 bottle water ($3.50); 1 hot chocolate ($4.00), numerous water refills from drinking fountain (free)
Transportation: Kathy took the bus from Northgate Park and Ride, bus ($1.50); Brad and Henry drove ($20.00 for parking)
Play Area: open, crowded, ran into a boy from Henry’s preschool
Freebies: 2 “I was there” stickers, scads of baseball cards, 1 Ichiro Choo-choo
Purchases: 1 Mariners puzzle, 1 MLB sticker set that is really an NHL set with baseball stickers
Total Cost: a lot

A long game, full of controversial calls at the plate and weird base running errors. Henry sang along with the national anthem.