Good Seats, Bad Baseball

May 18, 2004, 7:05pm
Final: Orioles 7, Mariners 2
Seats: Section 141, row 5, seats 1-3 (best seats ever for us, and they ought to be at $50.00 each, $167.74 total with all the convenience charges because we used Ticketmaster last minute…)
Weather: Sun and clouds, cool by game’s end
Roof: Open
Transportation: Drove, parked in our favorite lot for $10.00
Usher: Bud
How long we stayed: All 9 innings.
Play Area: Open, Brad and Henry went.
Hat Trick: #1
Hydros: Red
Freebies: 3 Mariners floppy hats; 2 “I was there” stickers; 1 baseball card
Food: 3 hot dogs (Hebrew National) (3 x $3.75); 1 cup of fries ($3.75); small Pepsi ($3.00); bottle water ($3.50); bottle Pepsi One ($3.50); large lemonade ($3.75); pretzel with salt ($3.00); 1 small vanilla Dippin’ Dots ($4.00)
(Total: $35.75)

So, these were some good seats. Just 5 rows back, on the aisle (important when at games with a 3 year old), and right in front of third base. I wish the game had been better, but the “fan experience” otherwise was good. We paid for it, of course. A couple of other things… There were four folks in front of us from the Philadelphia area; one of them had that real strong Philly/Maryland accent that reminds me of my childhood. They about lost it when the vendor with the Shiskaberries came around. (For the uninitiated, Shishkaberries are chocolate-covered strawberries on a stick.) They wanted to know when the espresso guy would arrive, when the wine would be served, etc. They were clearly amused by the “niceness” of it all. On the other end of the spectrum, fans threw an Oriole home run ball back in the 6th inning (plus another extra ball). Henry brought his glove to the game for the first time, but we never really had a chance at a foul ball.

There were a few good things baseball-wise. The Mariners turned a nice double play. Randy Winn made a good catch at the wall. Boone and Ibanez homered. Dan Wilson had a 14-pitch at bat. But, nothing flowed, they couldn’t put anything together. It was painful to watch. The Mariners have the second worst record in baseball right now; only Tampa Bay is worse, though the Montreal Expos are also in the running. I guess it’s the little things, now; a double play here, a leaping catch there. And, the Mariners are up 7-0 on the Orioles as I write this. Make that 8-0; Ichiro just batted Aurilia in. It’ll be interesting to see how they try to rebuild the team.

And, I guess it’s the other things going on in baseball that can keep you going when your own team is stinking up the place. Randy Johnson’s perfect game (they showed the 9th inning live on the big screen before the M’s game started), Hee Seop Choi’s inside the park home run, the Barry Bonds home run count. Also, even when your team is the second worst in baseball, they can still surprise you and win a game 11-0.