Not Quite...

May 9, 2004, 1:05pm Final: Yankees 7, Mariners 6
Seats: Section 214, row 3, seats 5, 6, 7
Weather: Sun and clouds, cool
Roof: Open
How long we stayed: 7 innings
Hydros: yellow
Hat Trick: unknown
Food and Drink: 1 minor league dog, 1 major league dog, french fries, 1 bottle water, 1 regular pepsi ($20.00); another minor league dog, pretzel, another regular pepsi ($10.00)
Transportation: Drove and parked for $15.00
Play Area: Henry was too tired (getting sick) to go!
Freebies: 2 “I was there” stickers

A strange game. Henry’s and my first time in the terrace seats. (Brad went once last season.) They are nice (padded and wider than the regular seats) and many more of the fans around us seemed into the baseball, keeping score and such. The concourse area on the terrace level is pleasant and much calmer than the main concourse. No Dippin’ Dots, though.

Both Henry and I were not feeling too well; in retrospect, maybe we should have stayed home. But, it was Brad and Henry’s special Mother’s Day gift to me (and Henry was very excited about that), so we went. We left in the 8th with a shaky, upset Henry. He rallied on the way home a bit, but then fell asleep in my lap at around 6pm.

Oh, yeah. There was a baseball game, too.