Not So Grrrreeeeeat

May 21, 2004, 7:05pm
Mariners v. Tigers
Final: Tigers 5, Mariners 0
Seats: Section 112, row 28, seats 1-3
Weather: Cool and cloudy
Roof: Open
Transportation: Drove, parked for $15.00
Usher: Ned
How long we stayed: All 9 innings
Play Area: Open, mobbed, went with Henry
Hat Trick: Didn’t see it
Hydros: Yellow
Freebies: 2 “I was there” stickers, 2 packs laminated baseball cards
Food: 1 regular hot dog ($3.50), 1 jumbo hot dog ($5.25), 1 large Pepsi ($4.00), 1 small cookies ‘n’ cream Dippin’ Dots ($4.00), 2 Ivar dogs (2 x $4.75), 1 bowl chowder ($4.00), 1 bottle water ($3.50)
(Total: $33.75)

Another loss, in spite of Gil Meche’s 11 strikeouts and Ichiro’s 2000th hit. The baseball was lackluster but at least we weren’t at tonight’s game, in which the Mariners lost their lead in the 8th when the bullpen imploded. Again.

The uninspired play does start to wear on you, even if you’re determined to enjoy the other aspects of a night at the ball park. I wonder if I’ll start dreading going to games? It’s really painful to watch at times. As far as the rest of the experience, it was pretty good. Henry had a blast at the play area, in spite of the crowded craziness there. He ran into his friend Leo and got to see two loud, long freight trains pass by from his lofty perch in the kid habitrail. He had his glove with him and held it up to catch every fly ball hit, even though none of them was within 50 feet of us. Someday, he’ll catch one.