Win Some, Lose More, Have Fun Anyway

Well, the Mariners have been struggling and are now 7 games back in the AL West. They’ve been on the road, so we haven’t been to any games recently, though we’ve caught some of the action on TV and radio. Their 9-16 record isn’t the worst in the AL, but it’s down near the bottom. Today’s game was a fun exception, with the M’s winning 12-2 in an offensive bonanza.

Of course, Henry doesn’t care too much about their record. He’s starting to understand the concept of winning but cares more about an exciting play: a collison at home plate, an acrobatic catch at the wall, a tumble into the stands to catch a pop up, a batting helmet flying off a sliding player’s head. He also likes re-enacting these plays, self-announcing the action as he imitates what he’s seen. He doesn’t always get the jargon right, but the enthusiasm is there. We’ve been playing lots of basement ball and t-ball in the backyard. Henry’s really been pounding the ball and he’s been getting the hang of catching it with his glove, too. He seems so joyous about it. So, that part of baseball has been fun even though the world of the Mariners has been a fan gripe-fest lately.