Ay, Caramba!

Ok, I have a lot to catch up on here. For completeness sake, mini-summaries of all the games we’ve been to since I last posted are included below. I don’t really have a lot to say but my compulsiveness compels me to do this…

Mariners v. Toronto Blue Jays, May 31, 2004 7:05pm

Final: Mariners 6, Blue Jays 2
Seats: Section 112, row 28 , seats 1, 2, 3
Weather: Cloudy
Roof: Closed
Transportation: Drove, parked for $10.00 in our usual lot
Hydros: Yellow (very heated cheering from holiday crowd)
Hat Trick: #1
Food & Drink: Seattle Roll ($7.00), small lemonade ($3.75), large Pepsi ($4.00), hot dog ($4.25), Dixie’s pork bbq sandwich ($6.00?), pretzel ($3.00), large vanilla Dippin’ Dots ($6.00)
Play Area: Open, Brad and Henry had a 8:20pm time slot. Trains were spotted.
Freebies: Stickers?
Purchases: None!
Total Cost: 2 ulcers.
Usher: Darnell
Attendance: 27,856 (Stands seem noticably empty for a weekend holiday game.)
Notes: A special Ichiro! celebration commemorating his 2000 hits takes place before the game. Excellent rendition of the national anthem by the Walla Walla High School Chamber Singers, with a mega-flag unfurled in the outfield for Memorial Day. A soldier whose wife (also a soldier) died in Iraq throws out the first pitch, receives a longer and louder ovation than Ichiro! Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” plays as the Mariners take the field. Is this a subtle dig at us fans? (“Here we are now, entertain us…”) “God Bless America” sung during 7th inning stretch, as well as the usual “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” We learn for at least the second time this season that Shiggy is the team’s best golfer, with Boonie a close second. Our “tie game when in these seats” jinx ends tonight.

Tacoma Rainiers (AAA farm team) v. Sacramento Rivercats, June 4, 2004, 7:05pm.

Our first time at Cheney Stadium in Tacoma.
Final: Rainiers 5, Rivercats 8
Seats: Box 2 , row 1 , seats 3, 4, 5 (Right behind home plate.)
Weather: sunny but cooling and getting cloudier
Roof: open :)
How long we stayed: Until after the fireworks!
Transportation: Drove, parked for $5.00
Food & Drink: 2 jumbo dogs, 1 rainier dog, 1 bag of Cracker Jacks, 1 bottle water, 1 large pepsi ($19.00); 2 pretzels, 1 jumbo dog, 1 Red Hook ($16.00, plus $2.00 tip)
Play Area: only for older kids
Freebies: mini frisbee
Purchases: nah
Total Cost: cheaper than a Mariners game
Attendance: 7,631
Notes: The crowd is really into everything: the game, the wacky promotions and contests, singing “Take Me Out,” with lots of groupie type fans. They rolled a huge pair of dice off the roof of the stadium onto the field; Henry said it was like Cootie but without all the lego parts. All in all, a fun time down in the minors.

Mariners v. Chicago White Sox, June 6, 2004, 5:05pm

Final: Mariners 5, White Sox 4, won in the 9th on a walk off walk!
Seats: Section 112, row 28 , seats 1, 2 (Brad didn’t attend due to illness.)
Weather: Cloudy, showers
Roof: Open until sometime after the 7th, then closed.
Transportation: Drove, $10.00 to park in Donna’s Diner lot.
Hydros: Yellow.
Hat Trick: #2
Attendance: 36,462
Food & Drink: Too busy to keep track, but Henry did have his first “Big Kahoona” Shiskaberry, which is a large hunk of pineapple and a strawberry covered in chocolate and skewered on a stick.
Play Area: Open, we showed up eager at our appointed time of 7:50pm only to find that the play area had been closed because a child had an “accident” up in one of the habitrail tubes. Henry was very sad, but recovered after about three minutes of disappointed chin wobbling and crying. The chin wobbling was quite cute and may have contributed to the purchase of the Shiskaberry.
Freebies: Mariners Little League poster (shows pictures of the team as little kids playing ball)
Notes: Winn is losing favor with the fans. He does have his weaknesses as a player and it’s tough to follow in the footsteps of Ken Griffey, Jr and Mike Cameron, who played center field in years past. I still like Winn, and hope he can step up his play on defense. Bocachica, a recent call up from Tacoma, is liked by the fans; he wears Mike Cameron’s old number, 44 and I expect we’ll see him in center field more often. All that said, what’s with all the booing at games these days? Boo a bad call, sure, boo an obnoxious fan, yes, but an error? A good play by the other team? I’m not there. I wish I could boo the Mariners management, but that’s another story.

Mariners v. Houston Astros, June 7, 2004, 7:05pm

Final: Mariners 5, Astros 0
Seats: Section 143 , row 15?
Weather: sunny with clouds, awesome pink sunset
Roof: open
Transportation: Bus from Northgate Park and Ride ($1.50), ride back there with Nate
Hydros: Green
Hat Trick: #1
Food & Drink: 1 bottle water
Notes: Went with some folks I used to work with. Brad and Henry stayed home and had movie night. It was fun, but strange to be there without my family. No play area, no Dippin’ Dots, no Henry singing random stuff…

Mariners v. Houston Astros, June 8, 2004, 7:05pm

Final: Mariners 0, Astros 1
Seats: Section 112, row 21 , seats 1, 2, 3
Weather: Sunny, 74, hot over in our section until sun set behind wall on third base side (7:26pm at this time of year)
Roof: open
Transportation: Drove, parked for $10.00 in our usual lot.
Hydros: Red
Hat Trick: #2
Food & Drink: Lots.
Play Area: Open, trains spotted by Henry and Kathy.
Freebies: Stickers.
Usher: Ned
Notes: We went to this game to see Roger Clemens pitch for the Astros. He was good and received a standing ovation from the crowd when he left the game. Joel Piniero, the Mariners pitcher, also was terrific, matching Clemens pitch for pitch. This was an exciting game, with some great plays in the field by Hiram Bocachica, lots of foul balls (an especially long at bat by Ichiro!), but in the end was a disappointing loss with the Mariners wasting some good chances to score. As can be said of many of their losses this year… Sigh.