Birthday Ball

Mariners v. Montreal Expos, June 12, 2004, 7:05pm

Final: Mariners 3, Expos 0
Seats: Section 112 , row 28, seats 1, 2, 3
Weather: Cloudy and cool, with rain
Roof: Closed
Transportation: Drove, parked for $10.00 in our usual lot
Hydros: Yellow. Much crowd cheering.
Hat Trick: #3, for a change!
Food & Drink: 1 large bag Cracker Jacks ($2.00, purchased outside of the stadium); 1 bottle water, 2 jumbo dogs, 1 regular dog ($14.00); 1 small banana split Dippin’ Dots ($4.00); 1 pretzel and 1 small Pepsi ($6.00)
Play Area: Henry was not interested. Weird.
Freebies: 3 USA flags; Spider Man 2 mask and foam hand (It was Spider Man 2 night.)
Purchases: 1 dark blue Mariners cap for Henry. (He outgrew his first one.)
Usher: Ned
Notes: The Mariners finally significantly altered their batting order, with the top of the order Winn, Aurilia, Ichiro!, Boone, Hansen/Martinez. They won so maybe we’ll see more of this order, or more tinkering with the order. Or, maybe not. The crowd was rowdy, with some seriously organized and spirited Expos cheering going on in our section and elsewhere in the park. Mariners fans mostly took it with good humor; the Expos are the worst team in baseball right now, saving the Mariners from that fate. Yankees fans would not fare so well… In other fan news, a group of women from the Red Hat Society was at the game, making me think of my Grammy in Worcester, who is a member there. Kids were crazy with the SpiderMan stuff; Henry was just crazy, completely over tired and around the bend. There were many pro-Bocachica signs and he did not disappoint, with a solo home run early in the game.

The game ended with a silly “keystone cops” style rundown between first and second with the tag coming after several back and forths of the ball. I’m not sure how it would be scored… I guess we should start learning that so we can teach Henry in a few years! And, yes, I have been learning how to play “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on our new piano. Thanks to Brad and Henry for taking me out to the ballgame for my birthday!