Two More Games, Finally

I’ve become lazy and lackadaisical in my updates. We saw two games recently:

Mariners v. Oakland A’s, 7:05pm July 21, 2004

Brad took the bus down first and Henry and I drove down later, so that Henry could play in the park with some of his former preschool classmates. We parked on the street for free, quite close to the stadium, so there are some advantages to getting to a game late. The M’s won this one (6-5) on a walk-off home run by Bucky Jacobsen, on the first pitch in the bottom of the tenth inning. Also, I’m nearly breathless to report that the fan who wears the Superman t-shirt and dances for the stadium cameras found a female counterpart, also wearing a Superman (or, perhaps Superwoman) t-shirt and dancing. At first, they were seated separately but, by the end of the game they had hooked up and were dancing side by side. Awwww… Some fans tried to get a wave going but failed, smacked down by the rest of us curmudgeons who think the wave has no place at a baseball game, no doubt.

Mariners v. Anaheim Angels, 1:05pm July 25, 2004

We drove down for this one, parking in our usual lot for $10.00. When we arrived, the skies were cloudy (a marine layer, as they say down in southern California) and the air cool, but as the game progressed, it heated up and got sunny. Seattle won this one 6-2, with home runs by Dave Hansen (hit the foul pole right near our seats) and Bucky Jacobsen. And, add “God Bless America” to the list of things that don’t belong at baseball games. I joined Carlos Delgado in his quiet protest against the playing of “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch, leaving my seat. The seventh inning stretch is for “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Whatever my current opinions of the war or any of our country’s policies are, I think the national anthems (when a Canadian team is playing, Canada’s anthem is sung also) at the beginning of the game are enough. The whole “God Bless America” thing seems fake, more like a mockery of patriotism than actual patriotism.

In other important news, Demetrius (aka Heavy D) delivered the rosin bag to the mound.