Ouch, but the Cupcakes Were Yummy

August 13, 2004, 7:05pm, Safeco Field
Mariners 3, New York Yankees 11

Red hydro, hat number 2, a bunch of food consumed… I don’t have the heart to write about the games anymore. It hurts even more when it’s a loss to the Yankees because even here in Seattle scads of their fans show up to gloat. Not as loud as the Red Sox crowd, but more smug! Sigh.

Other than the game, Henry and I had a great time. (Brad was home feeling sick, poor guy.) We went to the play area, saw several trains, talked about all kinds of things. We were hardly in our seats, which was just as well given undramatic nature of the game… We were there for some of Joel’s birthday cupcakes, though, which was nice. Joel is a boy who sits 4 or 5 seats over from us; his family has the same season ticket plan we have. They brought cupcakes to the ball park for everyone! (Well, okay, they didn’t bring 46,359 cupcakes; but they did bring enough for all the usual folks in our couple of rows.)