Five for Five

I turned on the M’s v. Angels game in the top of the 8th inning, just as Ichiro! got his fifth hit of the night. He had been in a bit of a “slump” and had fallen off the pace to beat the season record of 257 hits, held by George Sisler. Now, he’s back on track with 243 hits; he needs to get 15 hits in 11 games to break the record. I don’t have any special baseball knowledge that leads me to think he will make it or he won’t; a couple of days ago, I thought not, but after a 5 for 5 effort, I again think it’s possible. It makes me glad to watch him try, though.

Secondary to all of this, can the M’s hold on to their 6-3 lead for another inning? Which is more likely: the M’s winning this game or Ichiro! breaking Sisler’s record? Stay tuned for more September baseball, somehow still exciting even though my team is in the basement.