Is It Over Yet?

When does Spring Training start? Thank goodness for Ichiro! and Bobby Madritsch. At least they’ve been fun to watch. Yeah, we were at a game last Saturday. M’s lost to the Red Sox by some large number of runs. Ichiro! didn’t have any hits. The Red Sox fans were noticeably louder than the M’s fans; I heard them on one of the broadcasts of another game in this series, too. If the M’s have to lose to anyone now (and they do have to lose and lose and lose…), I guess a loss to the BoSox is tolerable, since I’d love to see Boston in the World Series.

Fan experience stuff… we skipped Dippin’ Dots in favor of a Banana Berry Shiskaberry, but after seeing the USS Mariner’s comments on food safety at Safeco, I may avoid eating things that require so much handling and preparation… The roof was on, the green hydro won (which got more cheering than anything the Mariners did), and Captain Plastic passed by our section! The grounds crew danced to a show tune, and the curmudgeonly young guys who sometimes sit in front of us booed them with vigor. Henry imitated this, of course. Henry picked up a bunch of baseball cards from various ushers.

Brad and I have been watching tonight’s game (9/14, Angels @ M’s). We Tivo’d it, so there’s been a lot of fast forwarding. Right now, we’re both about to lose it; we’ve been listening to Fairly inane commentary (though most of the inanity was Hendu and Rizzs: did you know that you have to get that 27th out to win a ballgame?). Madritsch almost has the game in the bag, but gives up a run in the ninth, and so is yanked. The Angels score again, so the Mariners are ahead 3-2. I guess this season has brought out the pessimist in each of us; it looks like another one of those games where a good pitching performance is wasted, where the bullpen is going to lose it, where Melvin is going to lose it, blah blah blah! Fittingly, Ichiro! catches a fly ball for the last out and the M’s hang on to win it. Thank god.