Trudging On

We missed a couple of games due to illness but finally made it to the A’s v. M’s game on Sunday afternoon (9/19). A cloudy day became sunny, the grass glowed green, we sat in the front row of the left field bleachers above the visitors bullpen. I did have a few fleeting thoughts about the “great game of baseball,” how marvelous it all is even when watching a losing team. But then, the actual watching of the losing team got in the way. Also, my fear of Henry hurling his baseball hat or some other object (hot dog, water bottle…) into the bullpen below us interrupted the reverie. We tried to go to the play area, but the wait was over an hour and we couldn’t make it that long. We wandered around a bit, which is part of the fun of being at Safeco. He got a Manny Ramirez baseball card from one of the ushers we passed. He has quite a collection of cards now. He likes to look at them and then throw them up in the air to scatter them over as wide an area as possible. We left the game early and Henry zonked out in the car on the way home. Even though it’s been a long year as far as watching the Mariners goes, it’s still hard to believe we only have two more games left this season. I’ll enjoy a break from baseball, but by March I’ll be ready for more.

And next year, we’re gonna keep score and bring our own peanuts.