A Fitting End

So the season is over. The Ms lost their final game, but Ichiro! managed to get two more hits, for a total of 162. No huge celebrations for Ichiro! or Edgar, just lots of applause and a nice day of baseball under a gorgeous blue October sky.

This year was a frustrating one to be a Mariners fan. It’s not just the losses. I’ve seen plenty of exciting games that the Ms went on to lose. But this year, there were an awful lot of just plain bad games. Neither entertaining nor well played, these games seemed to make up the bulk of the season. Even some of their wins were real snoozers. We ended up going to about 25 games this year and despite the frustration, I’d do it all again.

Ichiro’s run for the record and Edgar’s final season get all the attention, but there was more to it than that. Watching Bucky Jacobsen homer, Hiram Bocachica make a great catch at the wall, or Mickey Lopez get his first major league hit (in the final game of the season!) were all small victories. Madritsch’s pitching was just amazing, as was Nageotte’s superhuman ability to sweat under pressure. In the off-season, I’ll miss the action on the field. I’ll also miss our fellow season ticket holders who we saw at nearly every game. I’ll miss going to the play area with Henry and getting Dippin’ Dots, too. I’ll even miss the annoyances: seeing the same bloopers video again, overhearing woefully uninformed fans pontificate on this batter or that pitcher, Captain Plastic. The Mariners could do a lot better job with the whole game experience, but I’ll still take an Ms game over a Seahawks or Sonics game any day.

So now we wait. I have little confidence that the management will do what they need to do this off season to create a winning team, but I can hope. Six months ‘til spring training… See you in Peoria!