Henry is four years old! How did that happen so fast? Brad and I watched some video today of Henry at 4 or 5 months old; that seems like it was yesterday and yet somehow also ages ago. How does time get stretched and compressed simultaneously? He has changed so much, yet you can still see that baby in the Henry of today. They have some of the same expressions and mannerisms: the serious gaze, the infectious giggle when being tickled, the concentration when trying to do something new.

We had a low key birthday celebration because Henry was sick, with a fever and cough. He still was able to enjoy some ice cream and cake (carrot cake - his choice!). The cake acts as a sort of garnish for the ice cream, which is his true love. One bite of cake for every two scoops of ice cream. At least he enjoyed helping to make the cake! He blew out all of his birthday candles by himself for the first time! He received many wonderful gifts, the most coveted being the Boulder Mountain set, a Thomas the Tank Engine toy.

He is a good kid, but we’ve all been having our struggles lately. Maybe it’s this natural disequilibrium that sometimes happens with parents and kids. We (Brad and I) seem to have less patience just when Henry seems to need us to be more patient. He wants so much to be independent but sometimes he really needs us; we go from helping out too much to not helping out enough. I feel like an inept parent much of the time, but at least that’s a feeling I’m used to! We’ll all adjust, eventually. And then, when we think we’re back in balance again, things will change.