Break Out the Marshmallows!

When Henry started to become mobile a few years ago, we hastily improvised a way to keep him out of the fireplace. We installed a soft baby gate and it has been there ever since. During the Big Remodel, we planned to come up with a better solution, but as the project dragged on, we just didn’t have the energy.

Now that we have energy and gumption to spare (ha!), we’ve finally done something. No, we didn’t order a new color-coordinated baby gate. A few months ago, we stopped by Sutter Home & Hearth to discuss custom fireplace doors. We decided on doors from Diamond W and a few weeks later, a guy from Sutter came out to measure our fireplace. When we were away for Thanksgiving, we got a call saying the doors were ready and they were installed on Monday.

They’re gorgeous. The antiqued finish on the doors goes beautifully with the old tile on our fireplace. We were surprised by how much the doors changed the look of the room. We were concerned that the gothic arch shape of the fireplace opening might be hidden, but if anything it’s been emphasized by the doors.

During the remodel, we had a gas line installed to the fireplace for gas logs. We had Sutter install a log set when they did the doors and they look great. Gas logs have come a long way since the ugly monsters of thirty years ago. From more than a couple feet away, these are indistinguishable from a real wood fire.

Just in time for Christmas!