Yesterday, we heard the baby’s heartbeat, strong and around 140-150 beats per minute. I’d gotten to hear it last month, but yesterday was the first time for Brad and Henry. There were smiles all around. It definitely makes the baby seem more real! Since I’d stopped feeling nauseous around Thanksgiving and wasn’t really looking pregnant until last week (yes, it really did seem to happen that suddenly), I have had some irrational anxiety, wondering if I’m really pregnant. I have felt a few baby flutters recently, too, so apparently, the answer is yes!

Henry is enthusiastically embracing the idea of a new sibling, and he has already said he wants a baby brother. I asked him today how he’d feel about a baby sister; his reply: “It won’t matter, either is okay.” (Though he always refers to the new baby as a boy.) When asked if he had any names for a new sibling, he replied, “I will name the baby on the day he comes out!” I know his enthusiasm has no relation to any of the sibling issues that will come up later; I’m sure there will be jealousy, anger, disinclination to share toys and parents’ time, and so on, but it is nice to know he has some positive feelings about the whole thing. He’ll be a great big brother; this new kid really is lucky!