Joys of Pregnancy

  1. migraine headaches
  2. breaking the 200 lb barrier with 4 months to go!
  3. coffee tastes so awful
  4. bad skin (what is this glow they talk about? glistening sweat, maybe?)
  5. mind-numbing tiredness (to prepare for the mind-altering tiredness once the baby is born)
  6. inability to sleep in spite of tiredness
  7. stretch marks on top of previous stretch marks
  8. carpal tunnel
  9. emotions gone berserk, resulting in unrelenting crankiness

I can feel the little one moving around all the time (one of the real joys of pregnancy, especially now when there’s still enough room for both him and my internal organs). Like a fish, swimming in a small pool, bumping the sides now and then. Maybe we should call him Trout.

Henry’s still pretty excited about Trout. His latest idea is to “tell the baby jokes all day long” anytime the baby does something silly. Henry’s latest baby name suggestion is “just plain Baby.” Or maybe that was supposed to be “Just Plain Baby?” After Henry fell asleep tonight, Brad and I sat around for a while talking about all the cool things Henry did today, as we often do. Then, we started imagining what it’ll be like when he’s nine and the Trout is four, and when he’s a senior and the Trout is a freshman in high school, and so on. Strange to project that far into the future, but fun.

People are starting to notice I’m pregnant. I guess once you hit that 200 pound mark it’s hard to hide the bulge. Now, where were those chocolate truffles?