As I’ve mentioned before, I use iView Media Pro (update: as of 2010, iView Media Pro is now Phase One Media Pro) to keep track of all of our digital photos. A few weeks ago, I was browsing through our pictures and thinking about just how many pictures we’ve taken. According to iView, we’ve managed to take 23,745 pictures since we got our first usable digital camera in 1998. (We have another 75 pictures we took with our QuickTake 100, but they’re so embarrassingly awful, I don’t keep them in iView.)

In the beginning, I remember constantly running out of space on the tiny compact flash card we used. On our first trip to Hawaii in 1999, we had to go through and delete pictures to make room for a few of the Hilo side of the island. In total, we took 110 pictures on that trip. By comparison, we took 1,129 pictures on our most recent trip to Hawaii. At this rate, we’ll take 11,000 pictures on our 2011 trip to Hawaii.