A Story by the Red Table

A couple weeks ago, Henry’s group at pre-school (“red group”) worked together to tell a story. The parent leading the group got things rolling, then wrote down what the kids said. The end result is fascinating. As you can see, Henry worked hard to introduce some tension into the story.

(I’ve changed the names of the other kids)

A Story by the Red Table
by Adriana, Ruby, Henry, Isobel, Mary, and Sebastian

Mary One day there was a speckled frog.
Adriana And there was a dragon.
Ruby The princess lived in a castle.
Henry And the dinosaur lived in the dinosaur land.
Isobel The speckled frogs were catching bugs.
Sebastian The princess went into the house.
Adriana There was a horsey with a prince.
Ruby The princess married the prince!
Henry The dragon let out a big roar.
Isobel The princess got scared and the prince saved her.
Sebastian A bird flew by.
Mary The bird was carrying a message in its beak.
Adriana There was a princess who got into the castle and the dragon was locked in the castle.
Ruby The message was for the prince.
Henry The message blew away!
Isobel The wind blew it back and slipped inside because of all the wind, and the prince readed it.
Sebastian Then the prince went down the slide.
Adriana The prince catched it down the slide.
Ruby Then they lived happy ever after.
Henry Then a tsunami!
Isobel The princess went for a walk and there was a scary witch.
Sebastian Henry went to school.