Cupcake Royale and Vérité Coffee

After hearing about it for what seems like forever, we finally stopped by Cupcake Royale (aka Vérité Coffee) this afternoon. The espresso drinks were excellent; as good as Zoka on an average day, which is pretty darn good. They use coffee from Caffe Umbria, which was started by the original founders of Torrefazione Italia. My double short latte had nicely textured milk, with a passable rosetta on top and deep mahogany color from the espresso shot. Tasty.

The cupcakes were less of a hit. They were good, but not quite as good as I’d expect from a place that pins its whole reputation on its cupcakes. Not Royale. The cake was tasty, but had a bit of a coarse crumb and was very crumbly. Henry’s a pretty tidy eater for a four year old, yet by the time we left he was covered with a layer of crumbs. The bigger disappointment was the frosting. As with the cake, it was very tasty (the lemon in particular was wonderful), but it was way too sweet. Not quite frosting-in-a-can sweet, but much sweeter than I like. It also had a coarseness to it that I don’t associate with a fine buttercream (I like my buttercreams silky smooth). Kathy and I agreed that the cupcakes she and Henry made for me on my birthday were much better.

So, there you have it. Cupcake Royale and Vérité Coffee: great coffee, okay cupcakes.