More on Opening Day

Well, we attended our first baseball game of the year, the Mariners’ Opening Day, on Monday. We had a great time! We decided to take the bus to the ballpark; last year, we drove down for Opening Day and parking was non-existent. The bus was crowded but someone offered me a seat upon observing the bump; my faith in humanity bolstered, I enjoyed the ride. (It really is getting difficult for me to stand for long periods of time. It feels sort of wimpy, but I was really glad to be sitting down for the ride.)

We made it to the park with enough time to settle into our seats and get the first round of food and drinks before the pre-game show started. The Presidents of the United States of America played a few tunes, 2004 season highlights were shown, 1995 highlights were shown (it’s the 10 year anniversary of the year that saved baseball in Seattle), a kid got to run around the bases, there were awards bestowed on some of the players, the teams were introduced with fireworks, Edgar Martinez threw out the ceremonial first pitch to thunderous applause, the national anthem was sung with accompanying honor guard, and finally, the best part: the announcer declared, “Let’s play ball!” and Jamie Moyer threw the first pitch of the game. I did experience what I’ve heard others talk about, that feeling of endless possibility, that this could be the year, that my team had a chance to go all the way. When I saw each players’ stats come up as zeroes ( .000 batting average, 0 home runs, 0 ERA, etc) it really hit home that it all begins again.

That feeling lasted until the end of the game, helped I’m sure by the fact that the Mariners led the entire time. Also, I had much more opportunity to enjoy the baseball this time; Henry actually wanted to watch the entire game. A brief break for Dippin’ Dots during the third inning was the only time he wanted to leave our seats. Maybe we really can keep score. (At least until the next child arrives…)

Of course, now that the Mariners have lost the last two of their games, that feeling is a bit tarnished… but, I’m still eagerly awaiting the next game, disappointed that they have tomorrow off. It’s going to take a little while longer for the sparkly bright grass-green newness of the season to completely fade.