I mentioned a few days ago that Henry loves puzzles. Since then, he’s been in hyper-puzzle mode. We have a 1000-piece puzzle going on the dining room table that we all work on, but Henry likes some more immediate gratification. As a result, we often have several other puzzles scattered about the house in various states of completion. Sometimes he’ll fly through several puzzles in a row. The other day, he brought his three 60-piece Ravensburger puzzles out to the living room and proceeded to do each in quick succession (incidentally, who knew Ravensburger has a theme park?). Other times, he seems to use a round-robin approach, starting a few puzzles and working a bit on each in turn until he’s done.

Anyway, with all this puzzle action going on, I decided to buy a couple custom puzzles. I checked around online and settled on Up In Pieces. I ordered an 11 x 17 inch puzzle of this picture with something like 300 pieces. It came out great. They laser-cut their puzzles, so the pieces fit together perfectly. Henry loved it, but it was a little too tough for him to work on alone, so I ordered the one in the picture above. I stuck with the 11 x 17 size, but went with bigger pieces. It was a hit. I suppose it probably helped that I used a picture from our Disneyland trip. In the first day, he had done the puzzle (with and without help) a good half dozen times.