Victoria! Victoria!

Last week, we took a short trip up to Victoria, British Columbia. The last time we were there, Henry wasn’t even one. That time, we took the Victoria Clipper direct from Seattle. This time, we drove over to the Olympic Peninsula and took the Coho ferry across the Strait of Juan de Fuca. After a couple glorious days in Victoria, we took the BC Ferry back to the mainland before driving back down I-5 to Seattle.

It was a great trip. The weather was mostly gorgeous, the seas were calm, and Henry’s travel-induced insanity wasn’t too bad. It takes him a few days to settle into an away-from-home routine. On a four-day trip like this one, he just starts to adapt as we arrive home.

We’ve posted a bunch of pictures from our trip in our photo gallery. [Nov 2008 - This now links to flickr.] This is a test of a new gallery design I’ve been working on. The pages should load a little quicker and look a little better. I’ve noticed some odd behavior in old versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer, but everything looks and works great in any standards-compliant browser. Let me know if you find anything weird in the new gallery (be sure to let me know what browser you’re using).