Henry's First Sushi

We ate at the new Blue C Sushi restaurant in University Village a few nights ago. Henry was thrilled. You see, at Blue C, the food travels around the restaurant on a conveyor belt. If you see something you like moving by, you can grab it off the conveyor and dig in. At the end of the meal, the staff counts up your color-coded plates and tallies the cost of your meal. We sat at the counter (there are also booths) where Henry had a clear view of everything moving by. At first, he wanted to try everything. Well, what he really wanted to do was take things off the moving conveyor. His interest in actually consuming things diminished once the food was in front of him. He did try some tuna and ate a bunch of fried potato thingies whose name I can’t recall. The big hit food-wise was the Japanese cream puff, of course.

The biggest hit was the whole concept, though. Very entertaining for Henry. Near every table or group of seats, there’s a nifty button you press, which then glows blue and turns on a matching blue light above your seats to summon your waiter. Our waiter was kind and child-friendly. There were quite a few other children in the place, as is typical of a restaurant in UVillage, and they all seemed to be having fun. The food was fine; I’m sure a true connoissuer would probably find fault with it, but for us it was edible and enjoyable. I stayed away from the raw stuff, anyway, since I’m pregnant, but liked the sesame noodles and spicy tofu.

So, I’d go again. It was fun to see Henry so excited about the whole thing.