The Doughnuts Are Coming!

After lots of delays and waiting, Top Pot is finally coming to Wedgwood. For the last six weeks or so, they’ve been working on the place seven days a week. Last week, we watched as they mounted a huge metal doughnut on the roof. Perfect! Henry has been very excited about the new ‘doughnut factory.’ We can barely wait.

Wedgwood is also getting its first Starbucks sometime soon. We’re not quite so excited about that (especially now that the fine folks at Grateful Bread have learned how to make decent espresso), but I guess it means Wedgwood is hitting the big time. Starbucks has been selling Top Pot doughnuts in their Seattle-area stores for a few months, so we’ll have two places to get the tasty treats within a block of each other (and within two blocks of our house).