Cool News

So, it’s done. As of noon today, our house has air conditioning. I’ve created a flickr set to document all its spine-chilling glory.

It started in the Spring with The Attack of the Alder Trees. Kathy’s allergy to Alder pollen hit an all-time high this year. We decided once and for all that the little HEPA filter we had in our bedroom just wasn’t cutting it. I started looking into whole-house air filters. I thought I had things pretty well figured out when we had an early streak of hot weather. With our windows open to stay cool, we’d be filtering all of Seattle. It’s pretty unusual to have hot weather that early, though, so maybe it would be okay.

Then summer arrived. It’s been a pretty comfortable summer, even by Seattle standards, but still warm enough to need the windows open and the fans running. Kathy’s allergies waned, but mine started earlier than ever and for the first time, so did Henry’s. It didn’t take us long to make the decision to get air conditioning along with a whole-house air filter.

I got bids and picked a contractor, but decided to wait until after Charlie’s arrival to schedule the work. So here we are comfortably cool and happy to be doing our part to expose The Seattle Air Conditioning Lie.