No Circus for You!

This weekend, the circus is in town. Not our town, exactly, but just up the road in Everett. Henry and I had tickets to see the big show Thursday evening and we were both pretty excited. The last time I saw the circus it was some third-rate circus that set up in the field across from my junior high school. And Henry has never been.

Thursday morning at Henry’s preschool we found out that some of the kids and most of the parents had been exposed to pertussis (a.k.a. whooping cough) earlier in the week. Great news, eh? Henry should be fine, as he’s near the peak of his immunity, but Kathy and I haven’t had a vaccination in years (they say immunity wears off after 5-10 years) and Charlie has only had his first of five doses of the vaccine. Symptoms typically show up 6-21 days after exposure, so we’ll see.

Completely coincidentally, Henry was feeling tired at preschool and was running a slight fever and complaining of a sore throat by mid-afternoon. He napped most of the afternoon and was feeling better in the evening, so we gave him the choice whether to go to the circus. He said he wanted to stay home “because I had a fever and I don’t want to get anyone at that place sick.” How thoughtful. He went on to say “I’ll just wait until next year. I like waiting!”