Top Pot Is Tip-top

Well, Henry and I meandered down to the torus district on Friday in search of some grub and we discovered that indeed, Top Pot has opened its doors to hungry, doughnut-deprived Wedgwoodians (or are we Wedgwoodies?). (No, I’m sorry, but the Mighty-O donuts they’ve been serving at Grateful Bread, with their movie popcorn aftertaste, simply do not qualify. I want to like them, I really do, and then the popcorn thing just gets in the way.) We sprang into action, jumped in line, and called Brad to come on down with the wee one so they would not miss out. (No, Charlie is not yet eating doughnuts. At least, not directly. I’m not sure how much doughnutty goodness passes through to breast milk. I’ll have to check the literature. Hello, La Leche League?)

So, lest you get too envious, we’ve only been twice since it opened.

Um, yeah, it’s been open for three days. Your point being? Hey, we walked there!