Keeping the Pen Moving

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything here. Much has happened. Christmas, the new year, 26 straight days of rain. Another week of rain and they say we’ll break a record. It looks like we’ll probably make it. Yes, it has been dreary. Those of you who’ve heard us drone on (and on and on) about how great Seattle is know we’ve often said the rain isn’t that bad. It usually drizzles, you get plenty of “sun breaks,” you can still get outside and do things, blah, blah, blah. All usually true. But not this time. This time, the rain bears down in big blotchy drops and it keeps coming and coming, and the sky is dark and oppressive, and you cannot possibly drink enough espresso or eat enough chocolate to make it not matter. Even I am sick of the chocolate and espresso.

On that cheerful note, let’s move on! While not sniping at each other (because of our involuntary imprisionment in this house due to the oppressive rainy darkness and because of the extreme mood swings related to all that espresso and chocolate comsumption), we’ve been enjoying playing chess, doing very large and complicated puzzles, completing sudoku and crossword puzzles, making wagers on how much longer the rain will last… Henry’s favorite activities have involved reenacting in great detail every ride at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure in various media: furniture, lego, duplo, blocks, wooden railways, the car, his hands, his dreams. Speaking of his dreams, he’s been talking much more about them lately. He explained that in his dreams a “think bubble” appears; his bed lowers down into the think bubble to get to the world of his dreams (where they have giant roller coasters that even 5 or 6 year olds can go on and Bob-the-Builder marble runs). To get back, he finds a think bubble in the dream world and enters it and then his bed lowers back down into his bedroom. He was interested in helping me dress Charlie today, trying to put on his pants and socks. As he was struggling, he told me in his “I am a little frustrated and mystified” voice that he had recently dreamed that he’d gotten Charlie dressed all by himself but now that he wasn’t in the dream he couldn’t remember how to do it! I am fascinated by all of this; hearing him describe his dreams and react to them is like a little window into his mind.

Charlie, weighing in at 24 pounds 13 ounces and wearing 18 month size clothes, has learned to clap! He can raise one eyebrow, roll over, sit, inch across the floor on his back by wiggling his body, and communicate clearly via a complicated system of hand gestures, glances, and breathy vowel sounds. And if all that fails, the old standby wailing works as well. He has two lower teeth and tried avocado for the first time this evening. He is a very fun baby, clearly eager to explore the world. Crawling is probably still a little ways off but dexterity in picking up small things has arrived. And I’d forgotten that whenever you think you know how far a baby can reach, you should still add an extra foot to that distance…

So, we are doing all right. Enjoying our time in spite of the rain.