My Shift Keys Are Missing

as the title says, my shift keys are missing. both of them. well, the key caps are gone. i can still push the little button and get the shift functionality but my fingers do not want to do that; they keep hitting the return or caps lock keys instead. why are my shift keys missing? (ugh, i had to struggle twice there with that question mark and open parentheses.) charlie exuberantly knocked them off while playing bambam, a program brad wrote when henry was a wee babe. with bambam, when the youngster presses a key, an interesting picture/shape/letter appears on screen accompanied by a child-pleasing sound. the software has many great features, in fact; you can have it use your own photos, for example. brad should release it to the world. anyway, henry loved it, charlie loves it. he is a strong ‘un, that youngster. i keep using the word youngster because henry has been calling charlie youngster these days. the 5 year old calling the 6 month old youngster: it tickles me.