More Firsts! And a Few Seconds.

For Charlie: first asparagus, first independent standing (for only a few seconds, but standing nonetheless!), and some new words: donut, hammer (Okay, his enunciation is about what you’d expect from a 10 month old, but he clearly is trying to say these words. I mean, reaching for another bite of donut while saying “doh-doh-doh-na” is pretty clear. Well, to Brad, Henry, and I it was. Yes, the child has consumed part of a donut. Let the hammers of judgement fall on our heads. Soon, our donut-eating child will be able to say that: “hammers of judgement.” Cool.); second blood draw (not fun, three pokes, ouch)

For Henry: riding his bike without training wheels!!!!!! I smile uncontrollably whenever I think of this.

Good night.