One Step Closer to the 31st Century

I’m never gonna get used to the 31st century. Caffeinated bacon? Baconated grapefruit? Admiral Crunch?
- Philip J. Fry, Futurama

Wow. Two local guys have invented something that really needed to be invented. Oh, sure, hovercars would be nice–or maybe a cure for cancer–but who can argue with the brilliance that is Bacon Salt! Like virtually everything in the Sky Mall catalog, it solves a problem I never knew I had. In this case, it’s how to make everything taste like bacon. It says it right there on their website: “It’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon.” And a noble dream it is. (via Slog)

While on the subject of bacon, I have to mention one other thing. Vosges now has a chocolate bar with bacon in it. Unlike the salt, we’ve tried Mo’s Bacon Bar and I can state unequivocally that it’s the best bacon-containing confection I’ve ever tasted.