From Adobe to Microsoft

Interesting. Mark Hamburg, the driving force behind Adobe’s Shadowland project–which eventually became Photoshop Lightroom–has left Adobe for Microsoft:

Six years ago Mark left his position as chief architect of Photoshop in order to start work on the Shadowland project (which became Lightroom) and right up until this week Mark was fine-tuning the controls for non-destructive localized editing in Lightroom. Ever since Lightroom launched, users have been asking for was a means to dodge and burn raw images, and if you have been testing the Lightroom 2.0 public beta, you will know that you can now also paint with colour, saturation and clarity, plus you have really accurate auto masking with flow and density brush controls. It’s yet another example of Mark’s programming genius and gift for innovation.

My first thought was that Mark would be working on Microsoft Expression Media, the latest version of what was once iView Media Pro. But no: “…his future work there won’t involve digital imaging, but instead be focussed on the ‘user experience’.” Hmm. (update: in May 2010, Microsoft sold Expression Media (née iView Media Pro) to Phase One, who have re-released it as Phase One Media Pro.)

Update: John Nack has a little more perspective on his blog.

(via Daring Fireball.)