Scott and Shackleton's Abandoned Huts in Antarctica

Fognazos has a beautiful compilation of pictures of the abandoned huts built by the ill-fated Scott and Shackleton expeditions to the South Pole.

Shelves are still stocked with tins of cabbage, veal or onions. All these objects have been preserved by cold for the last 100 years. Antarctic explorers Robert Falcon Scott and Ernest Shackleton left them here in their way to the South Pole, in the beginning of the [20th] century. But none of them was able to come back

This is great stuff. I recently watched Life After People on The History Channel and was struck by just how quickly things return to nature once abandoned. These Antarctic huts look like Scott and Shackleton might have just walked out the door a few days ago. The dry freezing climate has done a wonderful job of preservations. It’s an interesting contrast to the pictures of Prypiat, Ukraine or the Detroit School Depository.

(via Kottke.)