Thanks, Alton Brown!

Yes, I made avocado ice cream. I used Alton Brown’s recipe. It’s sweet, creamy, and delicious. No lie. Even Brad (who until now has claimed to despise avocado) loves it. Henry loves it. On the other hand, Charlie won’t even try it, but he’s two. In other parts of the world, sweet avocado desserts are quite common.

I know, I know, between the lamb burger and the avocado ice cream, not to mention the chocolate malted muffins I made a few days ago, it seems as though our eating habits are really out of whack, but we’ve actually been eating more healthfully these days. Really! Next time I’ll tell you about my scrumptious parsley smoothie. Or maybe you want to hear about the spinach one…? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Hey! There’s an idea…avocado smoothies!