Festivus in Wedgwood

A few weeks ago, a construction crew started building a little utility shed just down the hill from our street. The zoning sign said something about equipment for a communications utility, so I figured it was related to the array of cell antennas on top of the commercial buildings down there. As it turns out, it was antenna-related, but the antenna was yet to come.

Last week, they put up a 59.5 foot pole at the edge of the sidewalk on 35th. Why 59.5 instead of 60? At 60 feet, it would have triggered a more extensive review process. This is the new view from our upstairs window:

According to a post over at Smarter Neighbors, T-Mobile supposedly notified all property owners within 500 feet of the pole prior to a neighborhood meeting back in December 2006, but I’m quite certain we were never notified. Thanks T-Mobile. I guess Wedgwood needed a new Festivus pole.