Random Good Stuff

I had my first Nanaimo bar this past Friday. Oh sure, I’d seen them around here and there since moving to Seattle but had never tried one. For those non-Canadian and non-PNW readers, Nanaimo bars are rectangles of chocolatey custardy goodness. Alas for some of you, they have nuts, so if those are poison for you, you can skip the rest of this paragraph. I was curious about them, having never seen them back east in the “M” states (Maine, Massachusetts, and Maryland), so I googled them. That’s what you do when you’re curious these days. I found this post over at the wonderful Cakespy, and a bunch of other links that were good but that I don’t have to include here because all that info is in today’s timely Cakespy entry. Cakespy, you rock.

Moving on to kung fu. (I said “Random” up there in the title, did I not?) Brad and I watched The 36th Chamber of Shaolin last night. Fun movie. I am ignorant in the ways of kung fu films, but enjoyed this one, especially the early scenes in the monastery when the novice fails, fails, fails, then masters the various skills in each of the chambers. I’m a sucker for that Karate Kid stuff.

I’m also a sucker for Dr. Henry Jones, Jr. Brad and I each took our Henry to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this weekend, me on Saturday and Brad on Sunday. So, Henry has seen it twice! He loved it (of course) and has been talking about it, acting it out, and lego-ing it ever since. I liked the movie too, in spite of its many flaws, maybe because of some of those flaws. It was implausible, sometimes even cheesy, with plot contrivances galore and ridiculous action. But, it was so fun. It was like going on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. You know it’s fake, a little corny, you swear you are not going to get sucked in… And then your kid has a chance to “drive” the jeep that goes out of control on the ride and he’s so excited it’s contagious and you let your guard down a little bit and realize you are having fun pretending that you’re trying to outrun a giant boulder and when it’s all over and he says “Let’s go on it again!” you reply “Heck, yeah!”