Tab Sweep 5

In which I post, with little or no comment, a variety of unrelated things that are cluttering up my browser and/or newsreader…

The New York Times reports that Oxford University Press has no plans to publish a future print edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. (via Slog.)

This music video is getting a lot of attention for its use of the Mac OS X desktop as its stage. It’s pretty much the same technique used on Scientific American’s The Monitor video podcast. Personally, I think it works better on The Monitor than the music video.

The Brass Brain, an analog computer from 1928, was used by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey to predict tides. More pictures at NOAA. I wonder where it is now; it would fit right in at the Computer History Museum. (via BoingBoing.)

mental_floss has a list of the 10 Most Common Place Names in the U.S. An excellent reminder for genealogists and researchers everywhere. I’d have thought Auburn would be on the list, too. (via 24/7 Family History Circle.), a weblog devoted to finding interesting stuff in the fine print of financial reports. (via 2020 Hindsight.)

A lightbulb in Livermore, California’s Fire Station No. 6 has been burning continuously for 107 years.

PicLens, a cool new way to view pictures online. Works with IE, Firefox, and Safari (though sadly not Safari 3.1). (via