I mentioned when I wrote about our San Francisco trip that I didn’t expect to go to Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) this year. When I checked a couple months ago, I couldn’t find a hotel room close to Moscone Center for anything resembling a reasonable price. Hotel rooms in San Francisco are never reasonably priced, but this was ridiculous. Even the closet-sized rooms at The Mosser were getting pricy (before they sold out). So I decided to sit this one out. No big deal.

But I did keep checking every now and then to see if I could find anything non-exorbinant within as easy walk of Moscone Center. Friday, I came across a hotel I’d never heard of: a brand new InterContinental literally next door to Moscone West. Better still, they’re offering huge discounts when you book through their website (I suspect because they’re new). I’m saving $250 a night on my room, which makes it less than I paid at the Marriott last year. Cool.

So I am going to WWDC again this year. Great news! Happy me. iPhone development, here I come! Then I read this about an outbreak of norovirus at Moscone Center during JavaOne. The name norovirus sounds mysterious and deadly, but in the UK they use the more colorful name WVD: Winter Vomiting Disease. Fun. I think I’ll be eating lunch elsewhere this year. And washing my hands fastidiously whenever I get the chance.