Max Supernova!

Language Log has news today of a particularly egregious case of The Cupertino Effect, the unfortunate result of blindly accepting a spell-checker’s suggestions (named for a certain spell-checker’s tendency to suggest “Cupertino” for a common misspelling of the word “cooperation”).

It seems the folks at Taylor Publishing let loose the power of their fully armed and operational spell-checker on the poor defenseless Middletown Area High School yearbook. Names were Cupertinoized on four pages of the 176 page yearbook. Alessandra Ippolito became Alexandria Impolite, Cameron Bendgen became Cameron Bandage, and Max Zupanovic became Max Supernova. I think Max was the winner in this mixup. He certainly came out ahead of Kathy Airbag (Carbaugh). (update: Taylor Publishing is now Balfour.)