Tab Sweep 10

In which I post, with little or no comment, a variety of unrelated things that are cluttering up my browser and/or newsreader…

Today we have an extra-special extended Tab Sweep. I have tons of tabs waiting to be closed and no time to post longer entries. Enjoy…

Life imitates The Onion, part 23: Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer. (via Daring Fireball.)

In skyscraper news, Tokyo Sky Tree (what a perfectly Japanese name!) will be the second-tallest building in the world. (via Giz.)

The New York Times has the story of an amazing NYC apartment that sounds like something out of Myst: Mystery on Fifth Avenue.

Edith Macefield, Rest in Peace. Edith refused to sell her little house in Ballard to developers, so they built around her. (via Every Seattle web site under the sun.)

Severed foot number five washed ashore up in BC earlier in the week. Number six turned out to be a hoax. Seattlest has the latest theories.

Another cool building in Dubai: Zaha Hadid’s Dubai Opera House. (via Gizmodo.)

In Vestimentis Ursum. There’s a robot beneath the fluff.

No longer content with a tiny little rover, NASA is building a lunar truck named Chariot and an RV called ATHLETE (All-Terrain Hex-Legged Extra-Terrestrial Explorer). They’re being tested out in Eastern Washington. (via Telstar Logistics.)

How To Nap. Thanks Boston Glob!

Woo Hoo! The Eames Stamps are here. Too bad there’s no “Powers of Ten” stamp. (via Kottke.)

Airlines are charging for the wrong bags. “Charging to check bags, then, is foolish because it is an attempt to get passengers to pay for something that they don’t want to do anyway–and will seek to avoid by trying to bring more of their baggage on board.” I couldn’t agree more. (via Slog.)

First the General Manager, then the manager. The Mariners have fired John McLaren. Bench coach Jim Riggleman will replace him for the remainder of the year.

National Geographic: “Amazing” Dinosaur Trove Discovered in Utah. “In just three weeks of work on federal land near Hanksville, Utah, paleontologists say they unearthed at least two meat-eating dinosaurs, a probable Stegosaurus, and four sauropods…”

You know how restaurants all sing their own lame song instead of “Happy Birthday to You” when a customer celebrates a birthday? It’s because the original is still under copyright. Well, maybe not so much.