My 1st Big Break

Somehow it never occurred to me that there would be music videos for Cut Chemist tracks, but of course there are. Cut Chemist (aka Lucas MacFadden) is the LA turntablist who is probably best known for his work with Ozomatli. Yesterday Coudal Partners linked to a trippy video for (My 1st) Big Break that was filmed with a 360-degree panoramic lens. A clip of this song has been my iPhone ringtone for as long as I can remember. The video is pretty cool, but I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. Take away the panorama lens and what’s left reminds me of one of those painfully awful videos from the early days of MTV by a wannabe Fellini or Bergman. The pano lens makes it all worthwhile, though. I love the undulating horizon caused by tipping the camera.

Apparently this other video for What’s the Altitude has been viewed a bazillion times on YouTube. At one point Cut Chemist appears in the video as a pharmacist (a joke that works better in the UK, I’m sure), which reminds me of his appearance in Juno as a chemistry teacher.

My favorite, though, is this video for Spat:

Henry and Charlie have been watching old Schoolhouse Rock! and Electric Company videos this summer and this fits right in. Henry thinks this song is hilarious, too. I’ll have to see what he thinks of the video.